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     Cement plant is necessary for cement production, mainly consist of a series of cement equipment apply for preparation of cement raw materials, clinker production, and finished cement production, such as cement mill, cement crusher, rotary kiln, cement roller press, cement dryer, clinker cooler, cement silo, and related cement plant equipment. ECONE INDUSTRIAL is a cement plant manufacturer who owns ability to manufacture cement equipment for cement plant. Since 2008, ECONE INDUSTRIAL have supplied cement  equipment and spare parts for clients around the world.

     4 Solid Reasons Why You Should Buy Cement Plant Equipment From Chinese Supplier.

  • China is the leader in global cement production. Its production reach 2.4 billion metric tons in 2018.
  • China produced over half of the cement for the world.
  • China has not only become a big cement producer, but also a powerful country with equipment and technology of extra-large cement solution.
  • ECONE Cement is a cement plant manufacturer who has rich experience of EPC project for cement plant.

Our products

Jaw Crushers
Cement Crushers
Cement Mills
Bucket Elevators

Spare Parts

Ball mill linner
Crushing hammer
Crusher jaw plate
Elevator hopper
Steal balls
Reduction box
Bag Filter
Kiln Tyre
Ball Mill Trunnion
Girth Gear
Kiln Support Roller
Ball Mill Bearing House
Gear Box
Crusher Rotor
Roots blower
Expansion joint
High-strength bolt

ECONE Cement is a cement plant Equipment and casting parts manufacturer and provider. own production equipment of  Φ8m Vertical Lathe, Φ10m gear rolling machine, 8m Gantry milling machine, 200mm floor-type boring and milling machine,120×3200mm bending machine, 150t crane and 40t electric furnace.

Our equipment and spare parts are applicable for various kind of cement manufacturing, such as portland cement, white cement, quick setting cement, oil-welled cement, and etc 


Please provide us with project information as much as possible:

For singular machinery: the model, the capacity, your budgetary information, other requirements, etc.

For spare parts: size and dimensions, material and weight, and your drawings with details, you can send the drawing to

Detailed information is greatly helpful for us to give you the best-customized offer/quotation at the soonest time.

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